Metal Braces


Metal Braces

The Simplicity of Metal Braces

Metal Braces are simple yet effective equipment used to rectify the alignment of your teeth. It can perform several tasks like closing the gaps between teeth, correct bite issues, and improving your smile’s overall quality. In addition, metal braces are known for their capabilities of producing great orthodontic results.

People of all ages can undergo orthodontic treatment to get a beautiful and perfectly aligned smile. Orthodontic procedures are easier and work faster on kids/teens because their permanent teeth and jawbone are still growing. In addition, the treatment helps them to avoid potential alignment issues that might occur in the future. Adults, too, can get the benefits of orthodontic treatments, but they would need to be patient.

All about metal braces

Metal braces are customized for each patient so that they can fit their mouth comfortably. The standard metal braces are the most common choice available. They are easily recognizable due to their metallic appearance. The metal braces consist of four main parts, namely:

  • Brackets– These are small metal fixtures that are bonded to each of your teeth using metal adhesives. They will remain on your teeth until the treatment is completed. It is the fixed component in the braces system that assists in the free movement of other elements.
  • Bands– They have similar functions as brackets with added stability factors. Typically, these are used on molars or larger teeth.
  • Wires– Also known as archwires, these are thin metal pieces that run through each band and bracket. It is present along the perimeter of the lower and the upper teeth. It helps in pulling or pushing the teeth to the desired position.
  • Ligatures– these are small and firm elastic bands that hold the archwires in place securely. These are also available in different colors, and patients can choose their desired shade to add some fun to their orthodontic treatment.



This is a type of metallic braces that helps in making orthodontic adjustments in a reduced time frame. Also known as accelerated braces, these use specially engineered brackets and wires along with oral phototherapy and subsonic wave treatment to increase the movement of your teeth and jaws. People opting for fastbraces can get similar results as traditional metal braces but within less time.


Get your braces today!

If you are lacking confidence or feel conscious going out in public due to the shape of your teeth, then metal braces are something that you should get. Apart from improving your facial appearance, they will help you get healthy teeth- straighter teeth are easier to maintain. Talk to your orthodontists about your oral issues, and they would suggest suitable treatment options. Our modern metal braces can help you get the best solutions fast.

If you want to get metal braces to rectify your teeth position, give us a call at 954-389-2345.

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