Color Braces


Color Braces

Fun with Color Braces

Braces help you to get perfectly aligned teeth. Wearing this equipment for months is indeed a big decision, and hence you should choose it wisely. You can go for the conventional metal braces, the invisible ceramic braces, behind the teeth lingual braces, or the new-age Damon Braces. However, if you want to add some fun to your teeth aligning process, go with color braces. If you are confused about what color to choose, you are here to help you out.

Color braces come in different colors capable of attracting the kids, who are the most common candidates for braces. At Weston Orthodontics, we show a color wheel that displays the full available color spectrum for the braces. You can choose any color you like, and our orthodontist will customize the color braces. For these braces, the elastic ligatures are colorful. Most of our adult clients choose color braces for special occasions and events to add some fun element to their overall appearance.

Choosing the right color

If you are confused about choosing the right color for your braces, here are a few tips just for you:

  • Skin tone– The color of the braces should complement your skin tone. If you have darker skin go for bold jewel tones, whereas cool tones look great on fair skin. You can also match your hair or eye color to that of the braces.
  • Color correction– Certain colors would beautifully compliment your smile. For example, wearing dark color would make your teeth look whiter, whereas wearing yellow or white might make your teeth appear dull.
  • Favorite– You can also let go of the other factors and choose something that you like. The shade would show your personality, which is a fun thing to do.
  • Seasonal– You can also change the color of your braces according to the season. The summer seasons are known for neon, whereas pastel shades become a trend during the spring season.
  • Metallic– You would find braces in metallic shades too. Sparkling colors can add a shining element to your smile. It would be an excellent option for special occasions.

Braces are an essential element that can help you to attain a healthy and aligned smile. Adding colors to the braces will make the whole process more enjoyable. Consider the above points to choose the right color for your braces. Try to avoid white or light colors that can get stained quickly. Color Braces is a great way to make your orthodontic experience enjoyable, and thus, you should do that.

For more information on Color Braces, or if you wish to get started with it, visit our clinic. Give us a call at 954-389-2345 to book an appointment.

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